Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy Living, Spray Tans, Eating Good & Feelin' Good!

Feeling grrrrrreeeeaaaat today as Tony the Tiger says - Maybe it's because the sun finally came out YAY!

So, it's a few days later and I'm staying pretty true to my new healthy lifestyle - well, new-old healthy lifestyle. Key word: lifestyle.. NOT diet - well, at least the negative connotation isn't applied here more like.. "Diet: food and drink considered in terms of its qualities,composition, and its effects on health: Milk is a wholesome article of diet."

I've been sticking to my guns - I know I just started but Sundays are usually my cheat day so I let myself have a beer at the Russian River Brewery and catch up with some friends I don't see too often and also had a little bit of popcorn during the new X-Men which I loved! Otherwise I was a good girl :)

Monday I was bad as I didn't eat until later in the day because as I had a doctor appointment early in the am but when I got home I had some of Greg's crazy Moroccan Concoction Stew. I did make some homemade chicken soup from scratch. Boiled the carcass maybe four hours - cooled, scooped off the fat on top, strained, added lots of yummy veggies, a few chopped up chicken breasts, lots of herbs and a small handful of 100% whole wheat/egg noodles. The carb impact on the huge pot of soup really wasn't a huge deal.. everything in moderation. Also went with Jenna, my roommate, to pick up her boyfriend from SFO.

Today, Tuesday, has been pretty good. I started with plain Greek yogurt with a tiny bit of honey in it. For you that don't like the consistency of regular yogurt try it out, it's thicker and just has a better texture plus more protein!

Came home, ate some of my soup.. felt a bit nauseous from pain so I gave it to Greg. Ran an errand then went and got spray tanned - OHHHH Ya! Let me tell you I am a spray tan ADDICT! So much better for you, and looks great PLUS for people like me it helps hide unseemly scars (see pic below) :) I always always go to Adrenaline Zone on Calistoga Road in Santa Rosa. Bryan, the owner has always treated me like family and does an amazing job! In the years I have been going I have never had lines, streaks or been orange! Hey, body builder friends he has a special double dark for you folks :) Check him out: http://www.yelp.com/biz/adrenaline-zone-sports-santa-rosa

Had a bowl of spinach with a can of tuna on top with some fresh cracked pepper and squeezed a little lemon.. yumm and a "Mik Soda" 85% Seltzer Water (or as my mom and I call it "fizzy water") and 15% juice (usually something with antioxidants - blueberry, pomegranate, acai).

Maybe I'll just have some soup for dinner but I have a frozen fillet of salmon in the freezer and some fresh brussel sprouts purchased yesterday... hmmm.

Not supposed to sweat after getting sprayed so I think I'll put the fan on me and do some core, obliques and push ups today (planks and pushups I just cross my foot over - works for now!)

Mikela dropped me off some Mary Kay stuff I ordered - for those of you who think Mary Kay is old fashioned or for an older generation are very misled.. Their image has drastically changed. I've found some great stuff, my favorite being the mineral foundation for $18 - build-able coverage looks natural and Bare Escentuals is $10 more for 1/3 of the amount! No joke!

Feeling the need for some girls time/girls night soon.. Last one was a riot! Mikela doing makeup, Jenna doing hair, clothing swap, was supposed to have a masseuse but she had family show up.. this time we're thinking making it bigger - basically a fun way to showcase what you do/love.

Excuse my grungy picture - I almost didn't post but again, the purpose of this blog is to be 100% honest and open. So I've been eating pretty good, drinking lots of water and exercising what I can.. still trying to think up some other stuff (anyone have any free weights I could borrow? buy?) Starting to get some definition but of course the spray tan helps too! Also it doesn't come out this orange.. this is the initial spray and I can't shower for a few more hours!

Thought I'd be the not so fun news down here:
Went to the orthopedic surgeon - and looks like I can either go through the painful experience of cortisone shots or get part of a bone in my ankle/foot removed. Still weighing my options... But I never ever never want to feel the pain I felt from that shot again. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and that was excruciating. Just praying to the Lord to let me know what's best and keep my healing! Thanks for reading!

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