Friday, June 3, 2011

Timing of eating & a healthy cooking base quick tip

One thing I am horrible at is eating when I am suppose to. I won't eat all day then eat a huge dinner which I know is horrible. I was really good at eating breakfast before - I've always loved Greek yogurt and I used to make a habit of eating my old fashioned oats with a scoop of protein powder and raisins. Lately, I have my cup or moreso cups of coffee and don't eat until late in the afternoon. I have always been a why eat if I'm not hungry person... one of my biggest things to work on.

For breakfast.. well nearly lunch I should say I made:

-2 egg whites, 1 egg
-some little pieces of chicken breast (just pulled some off of a rotisserie chicken Greg has)
-maybe 1/4 cup of sliced mushrooms
-little pepper and veggie salt


I need to remind Greg that once most of the chicken is off the carcass to save it...

Quick Tip: What I love to do is fill a pot up with water and boil the carcass for 3+ hours. Why 3+? To get the bone marrow out which has a lot of healthy antioxidants. I let it cool, scoop off the fat on the top and what I do is pour it into ice cube trays, freeze, then put them all in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Perfect for cooking instead of oil or if you have a recipe that needs a little moisture as well as a quick and easy base for sauces, soup etc! Convenient and much healthier then the alternatives - butter/oil.

Thinking of buying a whole turkey soon and cooking it up and freezing some of it. So much better then icky salty overpriced lunch meat and great to just have on hand for snacks, incorporate into meals... I wonder what's better for you turkey or chicken? Something I have never researched.

Going to do some exercises, finish up some laundry then meeting up with Jessica to go to the Giants game. Think we might take the ferry so I don't have to crutch as far!

I still need to get on the before & after pictures... Not exactly the first thing I want to do but hey, the point of the blog was to motivate myself and others so I need to get on it!

Until next time...

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