Thursday, June 2, 2011

It starts (started) tonight!

So far so good...

Made chicken breasts with veggies (just the costco bag of frozen veggies and chicken but after the move that's what we have right now) - used Jamaican Jerk Seasoning from Savory Seasoning Shop in downtown Santa Rosa (awesome shop if you haven't checked out, great seasonings, very diverse cuisines and recipe ideas! Oh and free samples!)

Very easy just took the frozen breasts put them in a pan of a little evoo - I like to put them in the pan flip them over right after and sprinkle seasonings so they stick nicely. Cook for a few minutes flip them over, sprinkle seasoning on other side cook for a few minutes through the veggies on top and sprinkle seasonings and cover with a lid and let steam until tender. Easy and only one pan to clean!

Greg & I were both happy and filled.

From chatting to friends & family and even remembering my own tips from the past I'm going to try and start writing them down...

Kristen: Eat before you meet up with friends, anywhere you go look for salads, drink liquor without the mixers or her (& one of my favs!) vodka, soda water and lime when drinking alcohol. -All those sweet drinks at up really fast! A long island has 780 calories!

Gina: Eat good fats: Avocado, EVOO, almonds, peanut butter, whey protein, small portions and eat every 3 hours.

I like to stay pretty strict 6 days of the week and have a cheat day, for me usually Sunday - I try not to go too crazy usually but what I did try to do was plan cheat days on friends birthdays, special events etc so that when/if I cheated I didn't feel guilty about it. Thing not to do is cheat then keep say your Sunday cheat day. If I wanted a treat during the week I kept it to something like dark chocolate, oatmeal cookie, 100% juice popsicle - anything under say 200-250 calories.

I think that's it for now... Thinking of maybe doing before & after photos hmmm.

Sleep Sweet.


  1. Living in a house of body builders and a new fitness competitor, I'm reminded daily to focus... and I always think twice before indulging... Its building consciousness to what we stick in our mouth... I been following this basic mapping out of diet and eating this, or something equivalent of it... protein viewed as essential in all meals, complex carbs in a.m. and midday... and after 2pm carbs only coming from veggie sources...

    protein one scoop of whey or one whole egg, 3 egg white omelette, or scramble
    Carb: Oatmeal or one piece of fruit

    Greek yogurt, 2 truvia packets for sweetness, and a 1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries BOMB! and 20 grams of protein in greek yogurt... You can also switch it up by having a whey shake or something equivalent

    Lunch: 4 oz of turkey, fish, or chicken... all lean meat. and 1/2 of Brown Basmati rice! and some veggies! or salad. (watch the dressing... I used measured 1 tbs EVOO and 1 tbs balsamic vinegar) fresh ground pepper and sea salt!

    Snack: string cheese, and 2 oz lunch meat (costco has BOMB lunch meat!!! super high quality)

    Preworkout: (weights) one medium apple... and one scoop of whey protein.

    Post-workout: one scoop whey protein

    Dinner: 4 oz. protein, and a HUGE salad... with tomatoes, cucumbers, EVOO OR avocado... and Balsamic vinegar!! :)

    This diet was made from a pro natural body builder... and I'm never go hungry, and all food is measured! :) Its about prepping before you leave! the morning of, or night before!

  2. Also, studies have been conducted showing the weight loss and maintenance advantages to incorporating whey protein... not only does it help meet the daily protein requirements that sometimes isn't as easy to achieve through solid protein foods... but is also an appetite suppresent... and muscle builder! The more protein you eat, the more lean muscle you have... the higher your metabolism stays! :) The more body fat is burned! :)

  3. This is a great resource for fitness and training... Has a lot of great insight and myth busters when it comes to weights, muscle and women!