Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Beat Bad Moods

Good Afternoon Everybody!

We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

It's a beautiful sun-shiny day here in Santa Rosa, life is pretty darn good, so why did I wake up in such a terrible mood? I have a few guesses, the biggest one being the pain in my foot made it hard for me to fall asleep until 5:00am. I woke up feeling defeated today. I woke up wanting to give up and not care anymore. I am a very active, fast-paced person (I crutch faster than most people walk hah!) and I think the realization that I won't be able to wakeboard this season and possibly snowboard next really hit me hard. So what did I do?

I won't lie I sat and moped - then I realized that won't get me anywhere and it makes time stop. I slammed down a big glass of water, did 10 push-ups and text a few friends to catch up and say hi. Ate my Greek yogurt with honey - did an ab & oblique workout, more push-ups and some core. Took a shower and here I am! Talked to some friends, made some plans, and doing some more laundry. When you wake up as I did TRUST ME I know how hard it is to rise above it. For me I have made the glass of water kind of my "trigger" to wake-up, to change something about my day, to get going! Remember we ALL have someone that is ALWAYS willing to be there for us! I didn't tell them I was having a bad day.. I asked about THEM. Friends & other people's lives are a great distraction from your own. I did tell my best friend Sophie I was having a rough day, and I think it's alright to vent but don't be the downer on someone's day... Work together and make it better :) Encourage someone, even when you're down, it'll make you feel amazing!

Things that also help is do something that you have been putting off. Yes, the stuff you loathe! Bills, homework, phone calls to chatty relatives (love you guys :), take the trash out, unload the dishwasher... for me it was manage my medical bills. The more you hate it the better you feel when it's DONE! Just get it over with!

Need to get some postings done on Craigslist - trying to sell my Nissan Titan. I LOVE my truck but since I don't do animal rescue anymore, nor will I be driving much with my new downtown home - there is no need. Trying to live a more efficient, "down-sized", greener lifestyle - something I definitely have a lot of learning to do on! Something I hope to start incorporating into this blog as well.

Going to post a great dinner recipe in a few too! Mmm mmm mmmm!

Oh! And.. Greek Yogurt - see how it says 27g of sugar? That's if you use all the honey/berries/etc. Which as you can see in my empty picture you need maybe 10% of what they give you! Don't automatically mix it in. I prefer to buy the big thing of plain greek and use local honey but during the move this was easier :)

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