Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mahi Mahi, Black Beans & Wild Rice with Coconut Water

This is a dish that Greg & I love to make. He made it this night so he deserves all the credit as it was absolutely delicious!

Lime Mahi Mahi, Cilantro Lime Jamaican Jerk Black Beans, Wild Rice With Coconut Water and Steamed Broccoli:

Mahi Mahi:

We get our mahi mahi from Trader Joe's always have loved their fish selection, quality and prices. This is simply pan seared in EVOO with Jamaican Jerk seasoning (from Savory Spices in downtown Santa Rosa), a lot of lime juice and fresh cracked pepper. Just cook flipping hear and there until cooked through.

Black Beans:

We just used Organic Canned black beans with about half a bunch of cilantro, lime juice, and some of the Jamaican Jerk seasoning just cooked on low for a bit. We both agreed this was our favorite part of the meal. Beans are always something fun to experiment with - just stick to whole beans and keep it light on the salt!

Wild Rice with Coconut Water:

We get the wild rice mix from Trader Joe's and although both of us are cutting down on rice, especially late this was a little treat to ourselves. If you're going to do rice this is the way to do it with a brown rice base and some Indian rice as well as wholesome wheat berries for nutrition and amazing texture. He did the standard 2 cups water with 1 cup rice replacing the water with coconut water. The texture, taste, EVERYTHING was amazing! With the black beans it couldn't have been tastier.


The broccoli was standard steamed broccoli with a little fresh black pepper on it. Mixed in with everything else it was amazing!

Everything with this dinner complimented each other. I know I wasn't too detailed in this blog, so please if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll ask Greg. :)

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  1. This looks so wonderfully healthy!! Us Californians have the amazing luxury of fresh fruits & veges...and the magical herbs! Mik I am so proud that you followed your mom's footsteps & influence of eating healthy and yummy! Spices is the key! Most addicted to 'fast', unhealthy & expensive food are addicted to the high content of saturated fats and sodium. There is always tons of that. I know I cook on the hot spicy side, with my own grown peppers....every color and size , and heat! They add so much to an egg, vs. extra salt....etc. I also always make my own broth. First and foremost, if you cook the bones long enough, you will get the antibodies out of the marrow....hence why chicken soup is so medicinal. I then freeze it in ice cube trays, so I always have a bit to heat up food vs. just plain water. I use veges that are getting a little soft, and anything else that needs to get boiled into something else! Again Mik, you rock, and now you witness via sharing your blog. Great tips & energy my dear.
    Love ya tons, and so proud.
    Your mama~