Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sesame Chicken, Kidney Bean, Feta Salad & Salad Ideas

Yummy Salads!

At almost all times, I keep romaine and spinach on hand. I love getting the big 6-head pack from Costco. Otherwise, the best way to create a salad is use what you got! Beans? Celery? Carrots? Beets? Lemon juice? Lime juice? Salsa? Turkey? Chicken? Leftovers? :)

The salad I made the other night stood above the rest though:

Sesame Chicken, Kidney Bean & Feta Salad:

-Need a chicken breast
-Either chicken broth cube or EVOO (see previous posts)
-Sesame Seeds (I prefer toasted)
-Toasted Sesame Seed Oil
-Dried or fresh ginger
-Salt & Pepper
-Romaine Lettuce
-Can or homemade Kidney Beans
-Feta Cheese (I buy the low fat version)

I like to rub sesame seeds and ginger on both sides of the chicken first then put it into a small skillet with either the chicken broth or EVOO in it on medium heat. I use just a few drops of toasted sesame oil on both sides of the chicken as well as a little salt and pepper (when you flip it). Sesame oil is good for blood circulation, fatigue, backaches, hair and hair loss. I flip back and forth a few times as I like the outside to get a little brown and crispy. When cooked all the way through - sometimes I'll just cut it in half on the pan - take it off the pan and cut it into bite size pieces. Chop up some romaine - top with your chicken, I put maybe /13 cup on pinto beans then just a little feta on top. Nice thing about feta is a little bit goes a long way. With the tastes of the sesame and ginger, the nuttiness of the beans and taste of the feta you don't need any dressing in my opinion! But if you feel it's needed - an olive oil/lemon juice dressing would be delicious! Picture was taken after the gym, a little beat as you can tell but a great recovery dinner!

This is actually the insides from the Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe - I threw it on top of romaine for a quick lunch and it was great! Again, if you're one of those people that need dressing - this is a great opportunity to use salsa or pico de gallo instead of heavy fattening dressings! As you can see I throw kidney beans on salad a lot. They just compliment salads so well! Great source of protein and fiber too!

This a post I will probably add on to later. Trying to get as much posted before my surgery in two days!

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