Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Tip: White Teeth without the Ouch! And it's Cheap!

So, you're sitting with your girlfriends on the outdoor patio enjoying some lunch & sun and an attractive guy walks by... he catches you checking him out and smiles back at you and BAM! The moment is ruined with his non-pearly yellows staring back at you. Not sure about you, but yellow teeth are a big turn off for me. For me it represents the mouth I may be kissing in the future and usually it's a sign of personal hygiene in general.


I have sensitive teeth - not as sensitive as some (I can live without Sensodyne toothpaste and I won't die if there is ice in my water) but bleaching trays, white strips and the like usually KILL my teeth. First time I tried bleaching trays I was in terrible pain for several days afterwards. I used white strips here and there but always suffered during & after usage as well. I'm not sure if anyone else gets this but I get terrible sharp pains when using them.

I've cut back but I still love my black coffee. Here and there I drink a glass of red wine - famous for staining teeth.

How do I keep my teeth white? A simple 98 cent bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide!

"But Mikaelaa isn't that was has hurt my teeth in the past?" YES! But in high concentrations. Regular over the counter Hydrogen Peroxide is 3% - compared to the 35% with heat and/or light used at the Dentist.

Over the counter H.P. is great for:
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Fight mouth bacteria
  • Heal canker sores
  • Soak and wash vegetables / fruits in to kill bacteria and neutralize chemicals
  • Brush teeth with for extra protection
  • Soak toothbrush in for a few seconds to disinfect (daily)

Of course your dentist is going to say there are adverse effects but to date none can be proven, and how can 3% have adverse effects when 35% concentrate doesn't? Hmmmm....

1. Gargle for 30secs-1 minute
I gargle twice a day after brushing my teeth or sometimes I wait and gargle after I have had my morning coffee :)

2. Spit out (never swallow it!) and have a bright smile without the pain!

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